The most effective ways to develop a Telegram communitity from scratch.

Before creating a Telegram community, one needs to carefully think-through the strategy. Because, it`s really easy to make some mistakes on the first steps which eventually lead to the loss of potential customers and active community members.
All of us, at some time, encountered the situation when you had been added to an unknown Telegram community without having an idea of how you had gotten there. Moreover, you see that the community is full of Deleted Accounts, or there are many accounts with obviously random names which have no sense. Of course, the first action you do is leaving the community. And also Telegram itself offers you the possibility to click “Report and Leave” button. Approximately, 80% of users see that button and click on it. If Telegram receives 100 of such reports on the community within 24 hour period, it just deletes it without any possibility for restoring.

The overwhelming majority of Telegram community creators beleaves that, first of all, you need to fill it in with no matter who. Bots, randomly invited people and task exchange users who subscribe for a small reward. After that, when the number of subscribers seems to be significant, they start inviting their target audience. But instead of staying and becoming members, people click “Leave and Report”, leave in silence or send very negative messages in the chat room. Also, people get to remember the name of the community or the project behind it and spread quite negative opinions about it all over the net. Not the best way to present your project to the public, is it?

Instead of doing such mistakes, it is better to seat down and think-through the strategy, learn all the instruments which Telegram has for advertising. Make inquiries about API tools developed by third-party programmers for working with Telegram.

One of such tools have been developed by WebMargaritas software engineers. It allows to collect the @usernames base from specific Telegram groups and send automatic bulk promo-messages to it. The current software capacity is 5,000 messages daily. Which is really enough to gradually develop any Telegram community.

Having such tools at hand, WebMargaritas offers its clients the following strategy to develop the community from scratch:

  1. Scraping the audience from similar project chats or direct competitors. Approximately, 50,000 of usernames.
    WebMargaritas`s scrapper has filters, so it collects only real users ( No Deleted Accounts, no weird names, no users who haven`t shown in Telegram within last month).
  2. Designing a Promo-Message with text ( 1024 symbols) , picture and links to needed Telegram community.
  3. Sending automatic Direct Promo-Messages to all 50,000 scrapped usernames. 5,000 msgs daily, so it takes 10 days ( Note: msgs should explain why a user was chosen to receive this message. It significantly increase the number of positive reactions).
  4. Applying the guerilla marketing methods in those chats chosen for scrapping the audience. The best way is to have 4–8 different Telegram accounts which will enter those chats and start communicating with other chat members mentioning the Advertised Project, from time to time. Such work should be conducted for not less than 4 hours daily. It is enough to have 1 or 2 people which will launch Telegram using different devices to be able to work from multiple Telegram accounts and raise waves of discussions about the Advertised Project.
    This method will dramatically increase the number of people who will click on links in the received Direct messages and subscribe to the needed community.
  5. Qualified management and administering inside Advertised Telegram community is necessary from the first day of Direct messages sendings. A community manager should greet subscribing people, start conversations with them inside the chat and should be able to answer any questions on the Advertised project.
    The community management and support services should be provided 24/7 every day if the community has worldwide audience.

The main advantages of this strategy are the facts that people receive the info about Advertised Project from different sources and at different times. They themselves decide whether to learn more about the project and subscribe to its community or not.

Note: Inviting people without their permission can lead to quite negative reactions from them. They can leave negative comments in your chat room or go to forums, Reddit and other platforms to place bad reviews. Moreover, if Telegram community invites too many people per day, it can be banned indefinetely. This is a quite poor method to advertise any project.

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